Late-Night Quickie: Blondie Surprise

Greetings, my sleepy readers.

I owe you a post- I made a creamy and dreamy Tres Leches Cake last week, and oh, so many leches did it have! – but tonight I’m keeping it simple.  The lovely folk at Sleep No More  already have a cake for their weekly sugar binge, but a little birdie told me that “Well, we could, uh, maybe find some a couple bucks in the budget if, uh, you, uh, maybe wanted to make something small . . . hint hint . . . “.  True story!

Actually, it’s not a true story.  They didn’t say it like that at all.  But that’s how I imagine they said it.

A shitty picture of an awesome haircut.

It’s been a good week for your Insomnibaker.  I’m currently job-hunting, and have been getting a fairly kickass response thus far.  Nothing solid, but lots of second, third, and fourth interviews, a plenty of support from some great people.  That, and I have a new haircut that is simply divine.  Seriously, this is a POWER HAIRCUT.  People will take me seriously as a super-fancy professional lady with this haircut.  It was inspired by the incomparable Renee Russo’s tousled locks in The Thomas Crown Affair (warning: this link contains a shirtless Pierce Brosnan.  You may become distracted).

And I’m genuinely excited about the next chapter of my life.  It’s definitely No Fun to be job-hunting, but I have Many Skillz, and people seem to be excited about Said Skillz.  Let’s hope they can pay the Billz.

SO.  On to tonight’s super-simple recipe.  I’ve made it before, and yet again it’s from the Smitten Kitchen.  Blondies! With mini-Reese’s in them!

  1. Pre-het the oven to 350 degrees.
  2. I melted a stick of butter in the microwave, and stirred in 1 cup of packed brown sugar.

    A Reese's snuggled into the batter

  3. Well, it was about 4/5ths of a cup of packed brown sugar, topped off with white.
  4. What? I ran out. I didn’t know I was gonna be baking.  Don’t look at me like that.
  5. I whisked in 1 egg and 1 glug of vanilla extract.
  6. I stirred in 1 cup of all-purpose flour.
  7. Into about 20 mini-muffin tins, I scooped in one tablespoon of batter.
  8. I stuck in a mini-Reese’s into each tin.
  9. Things are better when they’re mini.
  10. I topped each one off with another tablespoon of batter.
  11. I baked ’em for about 20 minutes.
  12. I let ’em cool.

SURPRISE!!!! Uh . . I mean . . BEHOOLLLD!

VERDICT:  This is an intensely dependable recipe, and you can do ANYTHING with it.  It’s meant to be backed in an 8×8 pan, and that works fine too.  You can stir in nuts, chocolate chips, chocolate chips AND nuts, cranberries, you can frost them or not frost them, or you can just keep the recipe as-is.  It’s a crowd-pleaser, and as simple as it gets.  One bowl, one spoon, no fancy equipment besides your great and powerful Baking Brain.  And for some reason, nobody really makes blondies that much.  Dunno why, they’re awesome.


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