Gluten-Free Double-Trouble Brownies

Hey insomnibakers.

I’ve been away from you for a few weeks.  This hasn’t meant I’ve been away from baking for a few weeks, I just haven’t been telling you about it.  That’s right y’all, I’ve been baking in secret.  For very nefarious reasons, that are totally way more interesting than “I left a draft on my screen for three days and WordPress ate it.”  Yup.  Pretty nefarious.

Tonight, again, I can’t seem to stop my brain going a mile a minute, despite the fact that I just enjoyed a thorough fattening-up from Ben and Jack’s Steakhouse.  A T-bone for two, sautéed spinach, and apple strudel with the best schlag this side of the Atlantic.   The gentleman responsible for this epic gorging will be traveling back to his home planet– er, country within a few days, so I thought I could repay the gift of steak with the gift of brownies.

Since said gentleman also works alongside the Insomnibaker and the Insomniboss, I thought I would make said brownies gluten-free.  As good fortune would have it, I also happened to have a pastry-bag full of cream cheese frosting in the fridge (thanks to a failed baking experiment earlier in the week), there was room for all kinds of experimentation.  I found this recipe off the Gluten Free Goddess site, and went to town.

  1. I put 1/2 cup butter and half a bag (about 6 ounces) of semi-sweet chocolate chunks into a microwave-safe bowls, and zapped it until it was smooth and glossy.
  2. I beat 2 eggs until they were nice and frothy in a bowl, then added 1 cup turbinado sugar (I didn’t have brown sugar).  It never became smooth and glossy, but I’m honestly a fan of the crunch you get from baked goods made with turbinado.
  3. I beat in the chocolate mixture in 3 stages.  The chocolate never became smooth and glossy like the recipe said, because I’m a failure as both a baker and a human being.
  4. In another bowl, I combined 1/2 cup almond meal, 1/4 cup rice flour, 1/4 teaspoon baking soda, and several grinds of ye olde sea salt mill.
  5. I then turned the oven on to 350 ingredients, because I had totally forgotten to earlier.
  6. I poured the dry ingredients into the chocolate ingredients, and beat them into a frothy goodness for about a minute.  My mixture was light and fluffy from all the beating, not thin like the recipe said it was.
  7. I lined two 4×4 tart pans with parchment paper, and divided the batter evenly between the two.
  8. I squooshed my pastry bag full of cream cheese frosting onto the top of one of the pans, and used a fork to stir it all together.
  9. Onto the other pan, I pressed in another couple ounces of the semi-sweet chocolate chips.  MmmmmmmMMMMMMMMmmmmMMMMMM.
  10. I put them in the oven to bake for about 19 minutes. These seemed to puff up like a souffle.  I did as the recipe said, and took them out while they were still a bit gooey.   The tops still seemed soft and delicate, but they firmed up right-quick as they cooled.

Verdict:  YOU GUYS.  These brownies are the bomb.  They are as chewy and delicious as regular brownies, there’s no aftertaste except for pure chocolate awesomess, and OMG NOM NOM NOM NOM.  The turbinado sugar and the almond meal give the brownies a bit of a crunch mouth feel, which I happen to enjoy.  If you don’t?  Then use brown sugar like the recipe says, you dunce.  Anyhow, the marbled brownies were pure ooey gooey decadence, and the chocolate chip ones were as marvelous as any glutenous confection I’ve had at a bake sale.  Score one for the good guys!!


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2 Responses to Gluten-Free Double-Trouble Brownies

  1. whatsaysyou says:

    Gluten-free brownies sound awesome 😉 I gotta try that

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